SURRON 2021 Light Bee L1e X Version

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Dimensions & Weight​
Length: 1870mm
Width: 780mm
Height: 1040mm
Min Ground Clearance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Vehicle Weight: 47kg
Weight distribution of Frame Wheel Axle: 24kg
Weight distribution of Rear Wheel Axle: 26kg
Max Load Capacity: 100kg

Performance & Transmission
Max Motor Rotation Speed: 4500RPM
Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
Climbing Ability: 45°
Range: Up to 100km
Max Torque: 200Nm
Gearing Ratio: 1:7.6
Transmission Type: Belt + Chain
Belt Brand & Model: HTD 8M


Electronic Parts​

Controller Type:                                                60V X-Version Sine Wave Controller
Horn: European Standard Horn
Charger Type: 10A
Battery: 60V 32A Lithium Battery with 176 Panasonic Cells
Headlight Type: Dual LED
Tail Light Type: Dual LED
Power Source(s): USB-2.1A Single Socket
Dashboard: IBN Negative Display