EN 530 Fi ES

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- The Ultimate 'Open Class' Enduro Machine -


Bore and Stroke: 98X70

Displacement: 527,7

Compression ratio: N.A.

Horse power: N.A.

Timing system: DOCH 4 valves

Lubrication: Dry sump with double rotor pump

Fueling: Electronic fuel injection system.

Fuel: Super-unleaded

Ignition: Kokusan Electronic

Clutch: Multiple-disk in oil-bath with hydraulic control

Gear: 5 

Cooler System: Coolant liquid with pump

Starting: Electric start and kick start

Frame: Perimetral aluminium section

Front fork: Kayaba USD

Rear shock: TM Racing

Front tyre: 90/90X21

Rear tyre: 140/80X18

Front brake: Braking wave Disk 270 mm, with Nissin pump and Brembo caliper

Rear brake: Braking wave Disk 245 mm. With Nissin pump and caliper

Tank: Plastic 8,2 litres


Hand finished crankcases, lightweight and strong die-cast clutch casing, clutch inspection, water pump and ignition covers, cast water pump rotor, billet machined crankshafts (running on roller bearings with ‘hi-tech’ crankseal – 250Fi/300Fi), billet connecting rods, box-bridged pistons with DLC coated gudgeon pics, hand finished cylinder heads, titanium valves matched to copper beryllium valve seats, chain driven overhead twin camshafts actuating ‘finger followers’ on 250Fi/300Fi and ‘valve buckets’ on 450Fi/530Fi, twin rotor oil pump (dry sump type arrangement), high performance – long lasting clutches, ‘cush-drive’ clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated clutch baskets, friction reduction hard coated gearbox selector fork tips, hardened gear-shaft parts, 5 speed MX / 6 speed EN 450Fi/530Fi – 6 speed 250Fi/300Fi (differing ratio) gearboxes, hydraulic clutch actuation, Battery-less ‘down-draught’ Electronic Fuel Injection, Kokusan digital variable advance ignition with twin map selection working with the fuel injection systems, gear position sensitive variable ignition timing, HGS ‘bomb’ type Exhaust systems. Electric start on EN and Road models, standard fitment on UK MX models and optional on SMX/FT 4-Stroke models models.

The TM Racing range of 4-stroke engines has become legendary for exceptional power delivery and outright performance and durability. The ability of these engines to perform has become renowned worldwide and for a ‘production’ engine the internal components and materials used are unmatched, many of these components and materials being of a level of quality that would only usually adorn the best of the ‘factory’ engine machinery. With an ever-growing list of results globally, in many disciplines, the 4-stroke range of TM Racing engines has spread to accommodate not only the off-road sector, but now feature in other motorsports, road racing and Karting primarily. TM Racing’s 4-stroke motorcycle range has seen great success over the past seasons, with the SMX 450Fi machine now having taken multiple Supermotard World Championship titles, it currently leads the way once again and has become regarded as the bike to be riding in Supermotard to get the desired results. A purpose designed Supermotard bike that can be bought as a package, ready to thrive in this discipline where others are generally adapted machines created from other models. The 450Fi Enduro model was also recently adopted and developed to form the TM Racing Rallye bike, the 450 DKR / Rallye, a machine that has taken world championship victories in its class, a great testament to performance and durability in the harshest conditions. The 250Fi and 300Fi variants are also currently setting the world stage alight and have taken many World titles in the hugely competitive World Enduro Championship. The latest MX 250Fi / 300Fi 4S ‘Twin’ machines have been turning heads and impressing riders globally with its sheer performance and handling, a superbly engineered racing machine that is outperforming its predecessor in all aspects and is set to achieve great results. This latest evolution of 250Fi / 300Fi engine features in the EN model also, albeit with revised configurations specific to the Enduro discipline.

The 4-stroke range will retain the current ‘reverse’ chassis configuration with fuel tank under the seat and the air intake above the engine. This layout has seen a huge transformation in the handling characteristics of all the 4-stroke models since it was introduced and has been gradually improved upon year on year. Centralised mass, better outright balance and revisions to the geometry and suspension settings have allowed TM Racing to create and incredible range of 4-stroke machinery all with superb ability and agility. An incredible range of engines matched to an incredible range of chassis, each tailored to a ‘base’ engine, have given TM Racing the ultimate range in 4-stroke machinery, with each model proving itself to be class leading on the world stage in it’s given discipline. We have some small but significant changes to the engines for 2021, with some larger changes to some engine variants in the range. All 250Fi / 300Fi models will now feature the ‘twin port’ cylinder head configuration, the pure performance of this engine has been proven in some of the world toughest environments with huge success over the past seasons and will now be the ‘standard’ engine configuration of the smaller capacity 4-stroke line-up. The 250Fi/300Fi ES-4S engines will receive a revised ECU programming, designed to work alongside the recently revised intake manifold, maximising the responsiveness and outright engine performance of these already incredible engines. Likewise, these changes will also apply to the new Enduro model variants of these engines that, like all TM 4-stroke engines, will have many internal differences to the camshaft, piston, crankshaft, con-rod and settings in the electronics to tailor the performance to the Enduro market. The legendary 450Fi engine, that has dominated in its Supermotard guise for a decade, receives only minor updates to some ancillary components and settings for the MX / Road variants. For 2021 the 450Fi / 530Fi variants will now feature a new fuel injector with new ECU programming, SM variants also receive a new piston design. TM Racing’s legendary ‘SMX’ variant now comes with two main engine options, the existing 450cc engine (Single Pipe Cylinder Head) and the ‘Special Kit’ option, the latter being the ‘Twin Pipe’ cylinder head engine used by the TM Racing Factory team with great success. The SMX variants also come with an optional 6 speed gearbox option. All SMX 450Fi engine variants receive new improved porting. The ‘Twin’ engine features a twin exhaust system exiting the head itself as two separate exhausts like its smaller capacity brethren, the 250Fi and 300Fi, alongside a twin injector throttle body working in unison with revised ECU and operating programs, these changes give greater performance throughout the rpm range. The best just got better.